• Poetry

    The Descent

    Fear and Anxiety engulfs me
    While the voices takes me hostage 
    Prisoner I become to these devils
    Slowly I lose myself and everything around 
    As the thoughts spill over to my world
    Waking up now from this nightmare is not an option 
    I fell victim to these false prophets 
    I watched the innocence take on this hellish ride
    An onlooker I transformed to a shadow of myself 
    Hopeless and despair is now my state of being
    Wishing for someone to help me, before I completely go under

    — Submission by Nina Terrible

  • About

    About IHAMI Project

    “Essential for overcoming stigma is the ability to be open—and to get support.”

    —Stephen Hinshaw, UC Berkeley Psychology Chair

    We believe that sharing personal stories is the best way to create acceptance and foster understanding about mental illness.

    The time is now to rise up and make our mental illness known. We have lived in the shadows of shame and guilt for too long. Sharing our experiences—and, counterintuitively, not education*—has been shown to be most effective in reducing stigma surrounding mental illness. It is unacceptable that half of all individuals with severe psychiatric disorders are not receiving treatment at any given time (NIMH).

    We cannot be idle while we do not have parity for mental health treatment compared to physical health treatment. It is our duty to make sure that every single individual receives adequate care, and it is our duty to stand up and help those around us who suffer from mental illness today.

    *Hinshaw SP1, Cicchetti D. “Stigma and mental disorder: conceptions of illness, public attitudes, personal disclosure, and social policy.” Dev Psychopathol. 2000 Autumn;12(4):555-98.